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In Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars, four novellas are collected together and presented in one book. "1922" is the first novella and it sets the stage as a tale of horror, murder, and regret that exists throughout the rest of the collection. When Wilfred gets in an argument with his wife about what to do with land she has inherited, he decides to murder her. Afterwards, her ghost and a group of rats continue to haunt him. In "Big Driver," Tess 's car breaks down and a man stops to offer help. Instead, he rapes her and leaves her for dead. Tess escapes and decides to get revenge. In "Fair Extension," Streeter is offered a chance at a longer life by transferring his cancer to his best friend by the devil. In "A Good Marriage," Darcy finds out that her husband of 27 years is a notorious serial killer. The collection explores misogyny, love, boundaries, vengeance, and memory.

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