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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first chapter, C.V., about?
(a) Stories about King's views on writing.
(b) Stories from King's childhood related to how he became a writer.
(c) Stories about King's early life.
(d) Stories related to how King became a horror novelist.

2. What does King do while editor of his school paper?
(a) He writes a satirical version of the paper.
(b) He wins a national contest for the paper.
(c) He copies other people's stories and publishes them.
(d) He creates one of the best versions of the paper ever.

3. Of the details King has supplied the reader regarding his image in the second chapter, what does King hope the reader will primarily focus on?
(a) The possibilities of significant other numbers.
(b) On this number and what it might mean.
(c) The other details about the animal.
(d) The number as an object of fate.

4. What number appears in King's image?
(a) The number 24/7.
(b) The number seven.
(c) It is not specified.
(d) The number three.

5. Why does it prove valuable to King to work for a local newspaper?
(a) Because the job with the paper earns King a lot of money.
(b) Because the editor teaches King how to edit his work.
(c) Because the editor keeps him so busy he didn't have time to get into trouble.
(d) Because he wins a national sports writing contest while there.

6. What does the King brothers' newspaper contain?
(a) Stories about family members.
(b) Local gossip and family news.
(c) Stories told to King about his family.
(d) Family and neighborhood news.

7. When King's principal hears about King's episode with the newspaper, what does he suggest?
(a) He encourages King to quit writing.
(b) He tells him to stay out of trouble in the future.
(c) He tells him to get a job to keep him busy.
(d) He tells him to get a job with a local paper as a sports writer.

8. What is the name of the second chapter of this book?
(a) On Living.
(b) On Writing.
(c) What Writing Is.
(d) Writing My Way.

9. What does King define writing as?
(a) A juxtaposition of words and images.
(b) Telepathy.
(c) The creation of images in a reader's head.
(d) Visualization of scenes.

10. Why does King miss his first year of school?
(a) Because of his father.
(b) Because he moves too many times.
(c) Because his mother homeschools him.
(d) Because of chronic ear and throat infections.

11. What does one of King's babysitters do to him?
(a) Feeds him too many eggs and then locks him in a closet.
(b) Mistreats him and complains to his mother about his behavior.
(c) Forces him to stay in his room all day.
(d) Tortures King with a belt.

12. In the chapter, C.V., King touches on the theme of the book. What is this theme?
(a) Writing as a career.
(b) Writing for money.
(c) Writing as magic.
(d) Writing as life support.

13. The change that King made in his writing life after his wife's intervention is seen by King as a symbol. What does this symbol represent?
(a) A change in the meaning of his writing.
(b) A change in the priorities of his life.
(c) A change in his writing style.
(d) A change to a deeper kind of symbolism in his writing.

14. What is the third specific item King states his book on writing will NOT be?
(a) A book on subjectivity.
(b) A book on realism.
(c) A book on horror.
(d) An instruction handbook.

15. According to King, who determines what the image in the second chapter looks like?
(a) The reader.
(b) The translator.
(c) No one.
(d) The writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does King remember about his childhood with his brother Dave?

2. .What is the first specific item King states his book on writing will NOT be about?

3. When does King begin to submit stories to magazines?

4. What animal appears in the image King describes in the second chapter?

5. What is the first object described in the image in the second chapter?

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