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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the cloth mentioned in King's image located within the image?
(a) Beside the first object.
(b) Lying on the floor.
(c) Draped over a chair.
(d) Under the cage.

2. On one of their expeditions, King and his brother meet an unexpected enemy. What is this enemy?
(a) A snake.
(b) A black and white skunk.
(c) A bear.
(d) Poison ivy.

3. When does King begin to write stories?
(a) When he is eight or nine.
(b) While he is in kindergarten.
(c) After he finishes school.
(d) During his first year of school.

4. Why does King throw the story Carrie in the trash can?
(a) Because he is too busy to continue.
(b) Because he doesn't like the main character Carrie.
(c) Because he feels he doesn't know enough about the events that went on in a girl's locker room.
(d) Because his wife hates the story.

5. If a reader does not see an image the same way as the writer, how has the image changed?
(a) As the reader reads about it, the details change.
(b) The image doesn't change. It is the same image.
(c) The creative process changes the image to fit the story.
(d) The image becomes more elaborated.

6. Where does King get a job to help pay for college?
(a) At Worumbo Mills and Weaving.
(b) At Canon Mills and Mfg. Co.
(c) At West Point Peppermill Mfg Co.
(d) At Massachusetts Mills and Dye Co.

7. When a writer sees an image in his/her head and writes it down, what is he accomplishing in regards to the reader?
(a) Giving the image to the reader.
(b) Enticing the reader to stay alert.
(c) Demonstrating his prowess as an author who should be read.
(d) Suggesting how to understand the author's thoughts.

8. What does the second chapter open with King presenting to the reader?
(a) A monologue.
(b) An injunction.
(c) A piece of advice.
(d) An image.

9. What kind of writing book does King say that he will be not be writing?
(a) A book of writing exercises.
(b) A common writing book.
(c) A textbook.
(d) The usual book of topics followed by exercises.

10. According to King, who determines what the image in the second chapter looks like?
(a) The reader.
(b) The translator.
(c) The writer.
(d) No one.

11. Why does it prove valuable to King to work for a local newspaper?
(a) Because the job with the paper earns King a lot of money.
(b) Because he wins a national sports writing contest while there.
(c) Because the editor keeps him so busy he didn't have time to get into trouble.
(d) Because the editor teaches King how to edit his work.

12. What kind of a book is On Writing?
(a) A book on writing a biography.
(b) A novel.
(c) Part biography and part how-to.
(d) A book on writing.

13. What happened when Carrie sells to a paperback publisher?
(a) King receives $200,000 and his life changes forever.
(b) The paperback publisher rejects the initial version of the book and demanded revisions.
(c) The book sells for $400,000, of which King received one third.
(d) The paperback publisher offers King an advance of $400,000.

14. What does King define writing as?
(a) Visualization of scenes.
(b) The creation of images in a reader's head.
(c) A juxtaposition of words and images.
(d) Telepathy.

15. Where does King discover horror stories?
(a) At his aunt and uncle's house.
(b) In the school library.
(c) At the newsstand.
(d) At the local theater.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to King, what is the second condition that, if readers cannot accept, should be a reason to stop reading his book?

2. After Tabitha King's intervention in King's addictions, he makes some changes in his life. What change does he make in his writing life?

3. What does King remember about his childhood with his brother Dave?

4. What is the second specific item King states his book on writing will NOT be about?

5. What type of job does King believe writing to be?

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