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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of writing book does King say that he will be not be writing?
(a) A book of writing exercises.
(b) The usual book of topics followed by exercises.
(c) A textbook.
(d) A common writing book.

2. What does the second chapter open with King presenting to the reader?
(a) An injunction.
(b) An image.
(c) A piece of advice.
(d) A monologue.

3. What is one reason for reading the book, On Writing?
(a) It provides King's views on other writer's formulas for success.
(b) It provides inspiration.
(c) It provides a discussion of King's famous works.
(d) It provides a formats for writers.

4. What number appears in King's image?
(a) The number seven.
(b) It is not specified.
(c) The number three.
(d) The number 24/7.

5. What happens with the electromagnet experiment?
(a) It is too big and blows out a neighborhood transformer.
(b) It shocks Stephen and Dave King, and sends them to the hospital.
(c) It burns up their house.
(d) It darkens his entire apartment building.

6. Of the details King has supplied the reader regarding his image in the second chapter, what does King hope the reader will primarily focus on?
(a) The number as an object of fate.
(b) The possibilities of significant other numbers.
(c) The other details about the animal.
(d) On this number and what it might mean.

7. How many specific facts are provided by King about the entire image in the second chapter?
(a) Five.
(b) An object, its color, and its number.
(c) Four items and their location/relation to one another.
(d) Only two: the object and a number on its back.

8. What happens to Carrie several months later after its initial sale?
(a) The publisher sells the paperback rights.
(b) The book is made into a movie.
(c) The book is published in Spanish.
(d) The book sells its paperback rights to TNT for a television series.

9. What happens to the person(s) on whom King bases Carrie while they were in high school?
(a) They were bullied and mistreated by their classmates.
(b) They were isolated by their classmates.
(c) They were hounded by their parents to get good grades.
(d) They were abused physically.

10. What happened when Carrie sells to a paperback publisher?
(a) The paperback publisher offers King an advance of $400,000.
(b) The book sells for $400,000, of which King received one third.
(c) The paperback publisher rejects the initial version of the book and demanded revisions.
(d) King receives $200,000 and his life changes forever.

11. How can the book, On Writing, be described?
(a) Poignant, educated and inspiring.
(b) Clever, formulistic, but inspiring.
(c) A masterpiece.
(d) A poorly conceived hack job.

12. What does King do while editor of his school paper?
(a) He copies other people's stories and publishes them.
(b) He wins a national contest for the paper.
(c) He writes a satirical version of the paper.
(d) He creates one of the best versions of the paper ever.

13. King's early addiction soon added another one. What is it?
(a) Marijuana.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Heroin.
(d) Over the counter pain-killers.

14. Why does it prove valuable to King to work for a local newspaper?
(a) Because the job with the paper earns King a lot of money.
(b) Because the editor keeps him so busy he didn't have time to get into trouble.
(c) Because he wins a national sports writing contest while there.
(d) Because the editor teaches King how to edit his work.

15. What does King define writing as?
(a) Visualization of scenes.
(b) A juxtaposition of words and images.
(c) Telepathy.
(d) The creation of images in a reader's head.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the location of the first item mentioned in the image?

2. How does King state he feels about writing for money?

3. Where does King get a job to help pay for college?

4. Why does King miss his first year of school?

5. When does King begin to write stories?

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