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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does King state he feels about writing for money?
(a) One cannot write in anticipation of making money.
(b) Writing for money is unnecessary; it will come.
(c) Everyone writes for money.
(d) Writing is art, and as such, it may not pay.

2. What happened when Carrie sells to a paperback publisher?
(a) The book sells for $400,000, of which King received one third.
(b) The paperback publisher offers King an advance of $400,000.
(c) The paperback publisher rejects the initial version of the book and demanded revisions.
(d) King receives $200,000 and his life changes forever.

3. What does King remember about his childhood with his brother Dave?
(a) How his brother hit him.
(b) Many adventures.
(c) Always being in trouble.
(d) Their pets.

4. Why does King describe the image in the second chapter the way he does?
(a) King believes the reader will see the image as he does anyway.
(b) King wants to trick the reader into seeing a different image.
(c) So that the reader creates an image different from the one King describes.
(d) To allow the reader to see the image in their own way.

5. King's early addiction soon added another one. What is it?
(a) Over the counter pain-killers.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Marijuana.
(d) Heroin.

6. Of the two reasons King gives for why people write, which one does he support?
(a) Writing for fame.
(b) Writing as a hobby.
(c) Writing as a passion.
(d) Writing for money.

7. What does King do while editor of his school paper?
(a) He wins a national contest for the paper.
(b) He copies other people's stories and publishes them.
(c) He writes a satirical version of the paper.
(d) He creates one of the best versions of the paper ever.

8. How does his writing help King financially?
(a) King's writing was a steady, but small source of income.
(b) King's writing didn't really help financially.
(c) King's stories never made much, but every little bit helped.
(d) Often his stories would sell when they were in serious financial trouble.

9. What is the location of the first item mentioned in the image?
(a) Over a counter.
(b) On a table.
(c) On the floor.
(d) In a chair.

10. According to King, who determines what the image in the second chapter looks like?
(a) The translator.
(b) No one.
(c) The writer.
(d) The reader.

11. Does King believe the reader see the image in the same way as the author?
(a) If the writer describes it well, he will.
(b) No, not always.
(c) Yes, if the reader reads carefully.
(d) Yes, he does.

12. What is King's overall opinion on details in writing?
(a) Supply all major details, but let the reader fill in the minor ones.
(b) Supply those the reader would never get on his own.
(c) Only supply the minimum.
(d) Supply key details and a couple of minor ones for color.

13. What does the second chapter open with King presenting to the reader?
(a) An injunction.
(b) An image.
(c) A piece of advice.
(d) A monologue.

14. If a reader does not see an image the same way as the writer, how has the image changed?
(a) The creative process changes the image to fit the story.
(b) The image becomes more elaborated.
(c) The image doesn't change. It is the same image.
(d) As the reader reads about it, the details change.

15. What kind of writing book does King say that he will be not be writing?
(a) The usual book of topics followed by exercises.
(b) A book of writing exercises.
(c) A common writing book.
(d) A textbook.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does King begin to submit stories to magazines?

2. What happens to Carrie when King sends it off to the publisher?

3. What is the third specific item King states his book on writing will NOT be?

4. When does King begin to write stories?

5. How does King's mother die?

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