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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through On Writing.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to King, what characteristics should all characters possess?
(a) Evil characteristics as well as good ones.
(b) Characteristics that make the reader sympathetic.
(c) Characteristics which make them seem perfect.
(d) Endearing qualities.

2. According to King, what characteristic should a writer's space have?
(a) A calming venue with only a telephone and a computer.
(b) A simple place with little or no distractions.
(c) A quiet place with a radio and a computer.
(d) An office space with files, computer, printer, and a telephone.

3. In the chapter, C.V., King makes a discovery about writing. What is this discovery?
(a) He discovers that writing controls his life.
(b) He discovers that writing is an obsession.
(c) He discovers that writing was something he likes to do.
(d) He discovers that his writing is not very good.

4. What does the King brothers' newspaper contain?
(a) Family and neighborhood news.
(b) Local gossip and family news.
(c) Stories about family members.
(d) Stories told to King about his family.

5. King states that writing is a job that includes aspects that are ____.
(a) Void of meaning.
(b) Ponderous.
(c) Drudgery.
(d) Unexplainable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of King's last jobs before becoming a full-time writer?

2. What happens to Carrie when King sends it off to the publisher?

3. What does King consider to be a writer's practice?

4. King also suggests limiting speaker attributes. What are speaker attributes?

5. What does King define writing as?

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