On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Fun Activities

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Write Poetry

King wrote some poetry in his lifetime. However, it was not his strong suit. Pretend to be King and write a horror poem about your accident.


Create a cartoon version of King's biography.

Arts and crafts

Create a diorama of King and his uncle making repairs using the large toolbox.

Letter Writing

Write a letter to the editor of King's hometown newspaper criticizing King's book on writing as a trivial work by a hack.


Create a radio commercial offering King's book(s) for sale.

Newspaper review

Write a criticism of King's book, On Writing.


King could have easily died from his injuries in 1999. Write his obituary.

TV News Flash

Film a news flash reporting on the accident suffered by King.

Tour guide

Plan a speaking tour for King to promote the book, On Writing. Include at least six major cities. Write a script...

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