On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Character Descriptions

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Stephen King - This character got a job working for a newspaper while in high school.

Tabitha King - This character is a brilliant writer who saved a novel from the trash can.

Carrie White - This character is a bullied high school student with telepathic ability.

Dave King - This character wrote and published a small newspaper every week while in high school.

Ruth King - This character worked many jobs, many of them laborious, and moved around a lot.

The King Children (Naomi, Joe, and Owen) - This character caused a lot of worry about lack of money to pay for basic needs.

John Gould - This character was a merciless copy editor.

Bryan Smith and Bullet - This character pleaded guilty to reckless driving endangerment.

Annie Wilkes - This quiet, mild-mannered character is often used to demonstrate the multi-dimensional nature of characters.

Aunts and...

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