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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sontag says that some artists ___________ for the express purpose of having it photographed.
(a) Create their work.
(b) Sculpt in bronze and plaster.
(c) Use cameras.
(d) Go back to school.

2. In China, photography is subsumed by the state _______________ apparatus, according to the book's findings.
(a) Moral.
(b) Propaganda.
(c) Christian.
(d) Government.

3. Just like painting and other forms of art, photography has had various ____________.
(a) Critics.
(b) Authors.
(c) Innovations.
(d) Movements.

4. Photographs cannot ___________ of something and are therefore obviously reproductive or mimetic.
(a) Ignore the rules.
(b) Simply be.
(c) Not be.
(d) Understand the truth.

5. In a sense, according to Sontag, photography actually helps to ____________ beauty as society defines it.
(a) Document.
(b) Clean up.
(c) Understand.
(d) Manufacture.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is NOT one of the things which helped to give photography a boost in popularity when it was discovered these things could be done?

2. The very act of ____________ something new casts it as something new and beautiful.

3. To what is photography continuously compared within the chapters of the book?

4. In the conventional wisdom right now, only beautiful things are ______________.

5. The collection of photographs is carried to the extreme in ____________, where these images are horded.

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