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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Photographs appropriate place and identity by the act of _________ reproduction, according to Sontag.
(a) Sharp.
(b) Truthful.
(c) Proper.
(d) Mimetic.

2. Photography has made the world unable to perceive the _________ beyond the photograph, according to Sontag.
(a) Colors.
(b) Emotions.
(c) Real world.
(d) Land.

3. Like modern art, according to Sontag, photography lowers ___________ in those who view it.
(a) Understanding.
(b) Sensitivities.
(c) Inhibitions.
(d) Trust.

4. Photographers sought to illustrate ____________in discord, or a polity among banal and trivial subjects.
(a) Concord.
(b) Accord.
(c) Wonder.
(d) Truth.

5. What kind of takeover did photography's influence lead to, according to Sontag?
(a) Surrealist.
(b) Roptist.
(c) Realist.
(d) Nihilist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some photographers are _________, seeking to clarify or to identify a world vision.

2. Whose technique is considered to be impeccable, according to this chapter of the book?

3. Whitman wanted people to begin to see that they needed to accept the _________ within the society.

4. A photograph seems to be taken in order to guarantee that the event has actually ___________.

5. Edward Steichen photographed __________ objects to demonstrate technique and insight within photography.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who were some of the groups of people who Diane Arbus took pictures of when she was creating portraits?

2. Why is surrealism not necessarily a universal art form, according to this particular chapter?

3. What was the goal of the Farm Service Administration photographic project in 1935 as described in this chapter?

4. How was "Family of Man" an opposite representation of what Whitman was trying to saw about humanity?

5. Are people with children more or less likely to own a camera, according to Sontag's own findings?

6. What was Whitman's cultural and social influence, coined Whitmanesque, according to the text?

7. How does photography make the photographer incapable of intervening in a situation?

8. What do photographs do to the scale of an object within the photograph and in real life, according to Sontag?

9. How might the surrealist art movement be described, according to Sontag in this chapter?

10. What are the two groups into which photographers can be categorized, according to the text in this chapter?

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