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Daguerreotype / Calotype / Photograph - This item is a photographic image produced by a methodology pioneered by Daguerre.

Les Carabineirs - This movie is a 1963 film by Jean-Luc Godard, depicting two sluggish peasants who join the King's Army because they are promised they will be able to loot, rape, and murder while simultaneously getting rich.

Si J'avais Quatre Dromadaires - This movie is a 1966 film by Chris Marker, presenting an orchestrated depiction of enlarged still photographs from various themes.

Camera Week - This item, a serial published by Alfred Steiglitz, was produced from 1903 to 1917. Most of the images appearing in the magazine were subsequently displayed at the Little Gallery of the Photo-Secession.

Diane Arbus' Photographs - These items included as their photographic subjects what Sontag summarizes as human freaks.

The Cameraman - This movie, a 1928 silent film, depicts Buster Keaton as an incompetent photographer struggling with dilapidated photographic...

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