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In Plato's Cave

• Photographs are usually held to be definitive evidence.

• Photographs impose standards on art, culture, and identity.

• Most people have access to or own cameras.

• Photography has also focused on images of sexuality.

• A photograph conveys a sense of something, but no real information about it.

America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly

• Whitman strove to see beyond beauty and ugliness into the essential value of a person or an object.

• Streichen photographs gave irrelevant materials relevance.

• Arbus photographed 'freaks' - dissociated victims of society.

• Like modern art, photography seems to lower sensitivities.

Melancholy Objects

• Photography has led to a Surrealist takeover of modern sensibility.

• Photography is frozen in time and is transitory.

• The most ambitious photographic project was done by the Farm Security Administration in 1935.

• Photographs presupposes that reality can be a comprehensible totality.

• Photographs can be made to speak with captions.

The Heroism of Vision

• Photographs...

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