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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Pythagoreans, the good belongs to what?

2. Which sort of political justice is most universal in Aristotle's view?

3. With what is temperance principally concerned in the mind of Aristotle?

4. According to Aristotle, the highest good must be something that is what?

5. To whom, or what, does Aristotle say the person who commits suicide is being unjust?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what is meant by Aristotle in saying that youth should not be involved in the study or practice of politics.

2. What are the conditions Aristotle gives for properly calling someone happy in Book I, Chapter 9, and why does he give these?

3. What is the relationship that Aristotle claims exists between the virtues of courage and temperance?

4. How does Aristotle characterize those who are rash?

5. What does Aristotle mean by saying that every art, inquiry, action, and choice aims at some good?

6. What does it mean to say, as Aristotle explains it, that nothing can be habituated to be other than it is by nature?

7. What is the relationship of virtues to extremes of excess and deficiency in the philosophy of Aristotle?

8. What characterizes Aristotle's distinction between "willing" and "choice"?

9. What is the content of the suggestion of Aristotle regarding overcompensation and the acquisition of personal virtue?

10. In what way does Aristotle claim gentleness (or mildness) is related to the virtues concerned with honor and magnanimity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oftentimes, a true friend is considered to be, in a certain sense, a second self. Compose an essay which considers this claim in the context of Aristotle's examination of friendship. What would it mean for someone to be a second self? How is true friendship related to others? How is friendship related to the self? In what sort of acts does one treat another as though a second self? What characterizes these acts?

Essay Topic 2

Of the intellectual virtues, art is the only one inherently ordained for some other end and not at all for itself, for it is concerned entirely with making. Discuss the virtue of art in a thoroughly well-reasoned analytical essay. Why is art a virtue? With what sort of things is art concerned, in particular? What are some specific examples of art as a virtue? Why is art in some way lesser than the other intellectual virtues? Why is art a necessary virtue?

Essay Topic 3

Near the end of his Ethics, Aristotle states that perfect happiness comes through the act of contemplation, the only activity that man does entirely for its own sake. Analyze this postulation in a very insightful and carefully planned essay. Why is contemplation considered a perfect action? Does this claim seem justified? Why or why not? Why does Aristotle state that the act of contemplation is that in which perfect happiness and perfect pleasure exist?

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