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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the opinion of Aristotle, what is the governing and most masterful art under which all others fall, according to I.2?
(a) Politics.
(b) Poetry.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Ethics.

2. With what virtue is III.10 concerned?
(a) Courage.
(b) Magnanimity.
(c) Temperance.
(d) Prudence.

3. What is the virtuous disposition most directly concerned, for Aristotle, with playfulness and humor?
(a) Wisdom.
(b) Pleasantness.
(c) Wit.
(d) Charm.

4. In contrast to wishing, which is for an end, for what is choosing in Aristotle's philosophical view?
(a) Things related to the self.
(b) Things related to the end.
(c) Things related to the means.
(d) Things related to others.

5. Deliberation is, for Aristotle, principally about the things to be done by whom?
(a) The state.
(b) The community.
(c) Others.
(d) Oneself.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aristotle say the lawmakers ought to treat people who act beautifully?

2. Which of the following aptly describes virtues and vices in a manner consistent with Aristotle's description?

3. What two things does Aristotle define as contraries in II.8?

4. In what do most people take refuge, according to the theory proposed by Aristotle, rather than perform virtuous acts?

5. In how many ways does Aristotle speak of the mean in II.6?

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