Daily Lessons for Teaching Nicomachean Ethics

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Lesson 1 (from Book I)


In the opening book of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle examines the end of all man's activity, stating rather famously in the opening line that, "Every art and every inquiry, and likewise every action and choice, seems to aim at some good, and hence it has been beautifully said that the good is that at which all things aim." Examining the truth of this statement and its relevance to ethical behavior is the objective of this lesson.


1) Research Topic: The Good. What is "the good"? Traditionally, the concept has always been upheld as that for which man seeks, what he tries to attain, but throughout history, the meaning of the concept itself has been interpreted many ways. Aristotle examines this through the first five chapters of Book I, and throughout the book; in Chapter 1, he lays out the questions with which his inquiry into good action...

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