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Aristotle's Life

Examine a biographical account of the life of Aristotle; discuss the breadth of his contributions to all fields of study, and whether or not such has any relevance to his ethical works.


Read about Aristotle's foundation of his school, what subjects were taught and studied there, and what sort of life it led and encouraged others to lead.

Alexander the Great

Aristotle, before founding the Lyceum, was the tutor of Alexander the Great. Read about their relationship to one another and discuss whether or not Alexander, in his life, implemented the ethical teachings of the Nicomachean Ethics.

Plato & Aristotle

Although merely one of many, Aristotle is by far the best known student of Plato. Discuss some work which briefly summarizes Plato's philosophy and compare his ethical principles to those of Aristotle.

Aristotle's Bust

Examine and discuss an image of the marble bust of Aristotle (copied...

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