Nicomachean Ethics Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book I

• Chapters 1-5 of Book I discuss the aiming of man's behavior, particularly in regards to its moral quality, as at the good.
• Chapters 6-8 of Book I examine the relationship between philosophical inquiry and the good.
• Chapters 9-13 of Book I identify happiness as the good at which man aims.

Book II

• Chapters 1-3 of Book II discuss the good of moral virtue; that is the virtue related to man's character.
• In Chapters 4-6 of Book II, Aristotle examines the way in which moral virtue is formed.
• Chapters 7-9 of Book II discuss the "location" of the particular virtues.

Book III

• Chapters 1-5 of Book III examine the relationship between volition and action.
• In Chapters 6-9 of Book III, Aristotle looks at the virtue of courage.
• Chapters 10-12 of Book III consider the virtue of temperance.

Book IV

• Chapters 1-2 of Book IV investigate the relationship...

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