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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role does Michele play in the trio of cops?
(a) Recorder.
(b) Bad cop.
(c) Good cop.
(d) Angry police chief.

2. What does Riviera do to Hideo?
(a) Blind him.
(b) Shoot him with Molly's fletcher.
(c) Eject him into space.
(d) Make him go insane with holograms.

3. How does Maelcum save Case?
(a) By shaking Case awake.
(b) By pulling the plug.
(c) By putting headphones on him.
(d) By putting two derms on his wrist.

4. What does Case notice when he opens the door of the hotel room?
(a) That something is out of place.
(b) That Molly is gone.
(c) A vat-grown samurai assassin.
(d) That the room has been ransacked.

5. What does Case lose?
(a) His deck.
(b) His anger.
(c) The construct.
(d) The key.

6. How is Neuromancer different from Wintermute?
(a) Neuromancer is capable of human reasoning.
(b) Neuromancer is programmed for nothing but destruction and death..
(c) Neuromancer's computer mainframe is made of bio-circuits.
(d) Neuromancer is a RAM construct.

7. Who is Maelcum not to kill?
(a) Hideo.
(b) 3Jane.
(c) Riviera.
(d) None of the above.

8. What does Case awake to?
(a) The shouts of the Turing police.
(b) The sound of 3Jane screaming.
(c) The sound of the head terminal.
(d) The sound of Molly fighting Hideo.

9. How is Maelcum injured?
(a) A heavy blow to the head.
(b) An arrow to the arm.
(c) Three fletcher darts to the leg.
(d) Shrapnel from one of Molly's grenades.

10. How does Molly activate her night vision?
(a) By pressing one of her teeth.
(b) By saying "activate night vision."
(c) By double-flexing her left bicep.
(d) A touch sensor on her right temple.

11. How is Molly taken down?
(a) She is distracted by one of Riviera's illusions.
(b) Hideo defeats her in a fair fight.
(c) Molly slips on some water and re-breaks her leg.
(d) 3Jane stuns her with a flash-bang grenade.

12. Why do Case and Molly go to Chiba?
(a) To pick up Case's things.
(b) To get revenge on Deane.
(c) To escape the Turing police.
(d) For the last of Molly's operations.

13. What name does Case see on the Japanese spaceship?
(a) ITO.
(c) ODA.

14. What question does the matrix ask itself?
(a) What is the code word?
(b) Where do we go from here?
(c) What is the meaning of the matrix?
(d) How can it be resolved?

15. What did Case fantasize about as a child?
(a) Life on Freeside station.
(b) A girl like Molly.
(c) Castles.
(d) The Yakuza's inner sanctum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Molly's other name?

2. Why does Neuromancer have Riviera's eyes?

3. Whose image is the doorman fooled with?

4. What does Riviera do to Molly?

5. What enables Case to pilot the Kuang perfectly?

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