Neuromancer Character Descriptions

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Henry Dorsett Case

This character is a hustler and former cyberspace cowboy who loses his ability to enter the matrix when he rips off his employers.


This character is the owner and sometimes bartender at The Chatsubo.

Lonny Zone

This character is a well-established pimp in Night City, and is addicted to a mind-altering drug called Cloud Dancers.


This character is a petty crime boss in Night City for whom Case apparently occasionally works. Everybody knows this character, and Case owes him money.

Linda Lee

This character is a 20-year-old Atlanta native. She is described as once pretty, with dark hair and a lined face. She meets Case while playing video games in an arcade.

McCoy Pauley

This character is a cyberspace cowboy hotshot, a pioneering cyberspace operator who trained Case and is regarded by many to be one of the all-time best operators. He is...

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