Neuromancer Character Descriptions

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Henry Dorsett Case - This character is a hustler and former cyberspace cowboy who loses his ability to enter the matrix when he rips off his employers.

Ratz - This character is the owner and sometimes bartender at The Chatsubo.

Lonny Zone - This character is a well-established pimp in Night City, and is addicted to a mind-altering drug called Cloud Dancers.

Wage - This character is a petty crime boss in Night City for whom Case apparently occasionally works. Everybody knows this character, and Case owes him money.

Linda Lee - This character is a 20-year-old Atlanta native. She is described as once pretty, with dark hair and a lined face. She meets Case while playing video games in an arcade.

McCoy Pauley - This character is a cyberspace cowboy hotshot, a pioneering cyberspace operator who trained Case and is regarded by many to be one...

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