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Chapter 1

• Case is introduced as the main protagonist of the novel.

• Linda Lee tells Case that a man named Wage wants him dead.

• Case meets with Wage and resolves his debt to him, realizing that Linda has tricked him so that she can steal some contraband RAM from his room.

• Case finds Molly in his room, who informs him of a job offer.

Chapter 2

• Molly takes Case to the Hilton to meet Armitage, his new employer.

• Case undergoes an operation to restore his ability to jack into cyberspace.

• Case and Molly have sex.

• Case meets with Julius Deane to resolve his business.

• Case and Molly head to a local samurai arena, where a fight breaks out in which Linda Lee is killed.

• Molly, Case, and Armitage leave Chiba City.

Chapter 3

• Case, Molly, and Armitage travel to BAMA, also known as the Sprawl.

• Armitage informs Case of toxin sacs...

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