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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells about the little black girl who asked to touch her hair?

2. What would the author travel with in his fantasy television show?

3. What is the ancient beagle named, owned by the man the author picked apples for?

4. What is packed in the money the author finds in "Something for Everyone"?

5. How long does the author write that the bus from North Carolina to Oregon takes?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What takes place in "Next of Kin"? Where does the title derive from? How does this title take on two meanings in the text? What is the outcome of this story?

Essay Topic 2

Define and discuss the following terms as they apply to Naked: Autobiography, Memoir, and Essay.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the author's use of structure and motif in the essay "True Detective." Describe ways in which the author "sets up" the humor in this piece.

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