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Lesson 1 (from Preface)


In Preface, Rius states that many people would see his attempt to summarize Marx as sacrilege of important texts or a waste of time for "simple minds." This lesson will discuss various people's opinions of Rius' book.


Class Discussion: What are the various opinions of Rius' book?

Small Group Activity: Why are so many of these opinions negative? Why is summarizing Marx's work not liked by many?

Class Discussion: Discuss these various opinions and why they exist. Do you believe Marx's work can be summarized and simplified? Why or why not? Might this simplification draw more people to Marx's work? Why or why not?

Homework: Prior to reading this book, what did you know about Marx? Create a KWL Chart, listing what you know about Marx and what you would like to know. As you read each chapter, add what you have learned about Marx...

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