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E. M. Standing
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Part Two : Chapter 1, The Explorer, Development &.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Montessori, when does a child begin to consciously participate in the growth and development of his mind?
(a) Ages 3-6 years.
(b) Ages 6-9 years.
(c) Ages 0-3 years.
(d) Ages 9-12 years.

2. Who, according to Montessori, offers profound insight into the truths of human nature?
(a) The Physician.
(b) The Teacher.
(c) The Adult.
(d) The Child.

3. What does Standing state about the existence of the body as a baby experiences it?
(a) They are uninterested.
(b) They do not realize it until much later.
(c) They are intriuged.
(d) They can not make the connection.

4. According to Montessori, which of the following is not an indication of the transition form the first to the second stage of childhood?
(a) Boys become thinner.
(b) Voice drops.
(c) Increased confidence.
(d) Milk teeth fall out.

5. What type of things does Standing write astonish small children?
(a) Most new things.
(b) The smallest things.
(c) Only unique things.
(d) Other people.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Montessori's popularity grew, what did she realize about the reach of her teaching methods?

2. After finding it too difficult to continue her work in Italy, where did Montessori go to continue her work?

3. What did Montessori call the 1900s?

4. What does Standing state is the strength of this book?

5. Who persecuted Montessori's schools and teaching methods?

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