Objects & Places from Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work

E. M. Standing
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Montessori School

This is a school or classroom that follows the underlying principles and methods of the Montessori educational system and operated by followers under specific guidelines.


This was the site of the majority of Montessori's life and work.

Women's Training College

This is one of the institutions of higher education available to females in the city of Rome at the end of the nineteenth century.


This is the birthplace of Montessori.

The Child

This is a vital principle to understanding the work discussed in this book.


This is a location of Montessori's death.

International Training Courses

These are brought up as the main focus of the book in Chapter 4 where teachers could learn the specific educational methods discussed throughout this book.

Doctor of Philosophy

This degree is intended to indicate that an individual has cultivated knowledge in a given area to such a high...

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