Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work Fun Activities

E. M. Standing
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Character Sketch

Create a time line of Montessori's life and career.

The Montessori School

Go to the Library and conduct some research to find a local Montessori school. After reading the schools website, write a short essay comparing and contrasting the type of education as it is presented in the book to how it is presented in today's schools.

Traditional vs. Montessori

Write a short opinion piece discussing your view on Traditional Education vs. the Montessori Method.

Education for individuals with disabilities

Maria's career began by working with disabled children in asylums. Do some research on the internet and in the library and find 5 resources or services available to individuals with disabilities in terms of education today.


There are many resources about the Montessori method online. Some of these resources are listed in the back of the book. Go to one of these websites and review the...

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