Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work Character Descriptions

E. M. Standing
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Maria Montessori

This individual was born in 1870 and had a strong spirit and support within the family. This individual's major work was in making discoveries about specific qualities about children.

E.M. Standing

This individual was a longstanding colleague and assistant to the main individual of this book.

Lee Havis

This individual is listed as the Executive Director of an International Society and provides updates on the state of this educational organization.


This individual was an ancient Grecian mathematician and musician.

Queen Elizabeth

This individual comes up in specific reference to a ship, and a collection of names of boats.

Elroy Flecker

This individual is referred to with respect to a literary work, which used as a metaphor for dealing with young children working away at the large task of counting to 1000.


These characters refer to the problem of proper and incorrect proportions.


This individual...

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