Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

E. M. Standing
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Book 1, Part One : Chapter 1, Introductory Materials, Preparations & Discovery

• Because of prejudice against poor children during the time Montessori began teaching, many were amazed at what poor children were able to accomplish once they had adult supervision.

• According to Standing, a strength of this book is in the way that it explains the underlying principles of Montessori education.

• Montessori was very fortunate in that educational opportunities for girls and women had greatly improved when compared with what was available in the preceding centuries and that her parents were quite interested in her welfare.

• Montessori's family moved to Rome for better schools.

• Montessori's intellectual power combined with a mighty spirit and strong heart led her to pursue an education in professional medicine.

• As a physician, the work opportunities included an insane asylum in Rome.

• Montessori began working with mentally handicapped, "idiots" and made great progress.

• Montessori discovered that these individuals...

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