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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Horatio Hornblower's rank?

2. Who promises the mutineers immunity and a pension for every man from the age of sixty?

3. What do the sailors think of Hornblower's daily ritual?

4. What happens after Hornblower captures the French gunboat in the battle at Le Havre?

5. How many ships does Admiral Pellew send as reinforcement?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does C. S. Forester show that Hornblower has the "common touch" in his interactions with men?

2. What is Hornblower supposed to do with the mutineers? Why is this important?

3. What happens to show Hornblower that the French may be just as tired of the war as the English?

4. At the beginning of the book, what is Hornblower's relationship with his wife like? How does C. S. Forester show this?

5. Why does C. S. Forester make Hornblower prone to seasickness?

6. Why is suppressing the mutineers particularly difficult for Hornblower?

7. Being a sailor is dangerous and hard work, what do sailors expect in terms of monetary rewards?

8. Why is Hornblower worried about the reactions of the Porta Coeli's crew to the mutiny on the Flame?

9. What does Hornblower do with Lieutenant Chadwick, the one who loses control of the Flame through mutiny?

10. What does the Admiralty do on Hornblower's news of the Flame and the possible surrender of Le Havre?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the typical conditions on a British ship of the line as experienced by a seaman and an officer. Why are things so different? How much of this can be attributed to class inequality?

Essay Topic 2

How does C. S. Forester use Hornblower's actions to reveal his character? List some examples.

Essay Topic 3

C. S. Forester does not make Hornblower perfect. What are some of his flaws? Why does Hornblower have flaws?

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