Lord Hornblower Fun Activities

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What is your memento be like?

Make an article of clothing like the red scarf Barbara gives to Hornblower.

Who are these characters?

Sketch one of the main characters, based on C. S. Forester's description.

Hornblower does it again! Read all about it!

Write a newspaper account of one of Hornblower's deeds.

The death of a hero. Read all about it!

Write a newspaper account of the battle where Captain Bush is killed.

Cooking in the 19th century

Find a recipe for salted beef (or pork) and recreate a ship-style meal, as Hornblower has on board the Porta Coeli.

An accounting from Hornblower's banker

Calculate Hornblower's net worth, based on his prize money in this book.

How much is Hornblower really worth?

Calculate Hornblower's potential net worth in today's dollars.

The mutineer's complaint

We only see part of the letter the mutineers send to the Admiralty. Write the...

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