Lean In Short Essay - Answer Key

Sheryl Sandberg
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1. Where was Sheryl Sandberg working when she became pregnant with her first child? How is this experience described in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

Author Sheryl Sandberg opens the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution” by discussing her first pregnancy in 2004, when she was running the online sales and operations groups for Google. She describes the experience of pregnancy as a terrible ordeal for her, riddled with morning sickness during the entire nine months.

2. What did Sandberg’s experience during her first pregnancy teach her about gender equality in the workplace in the Introduction: “Internalizing the Revolution”?

Sandberg realized that the pregnant employees of Google deserved to have reserved parking; this revelation led her to an understanding of the inequality in the workplace, and moreover, of the ignorance of corporate leaders of that lack of equality.

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