How the Irish Saved Civilization Fun Activities

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Breastplate Remake

Give students a copy of the poem "St. Patrick's Breastplate," which is referred to in the book, and have them set the words to modern music.

Irish Cuisine

Provide students with a sampling of typical Irish foods.

Irish Heroes

Have students make a comic strip or manga episode about one of the Irish heroes or pagan Irish gods mentioned in How the Irish Saved Civilization.


Have students write a limerick about either Patrick or Augustine of Hippo.

Political Action Committee

As mentioned in the Introduction, this contribution of the Irish to history has been largely ignored. Have students formulate a grassroots political action committee/special interest group to bring the issue to the attention of the U.S. and world governments so that it is recognized.


Have students choreograph a dance to Celtic music.


Have students perform a skit that re-enacts either:

1) Cuchulainn's...

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