How the Irish Saved Civilization Character Descriptions

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St. Patrick (Patricius) - The protagonist of this historical work is dispatched to Ireland as the first officially sanctioned missionary in over five hundred years.

St. Augustine of Hippo - In many ways the antagonist in this book, this person invents a doctrine of original sin, which says that any sexual act is inherently sinful.

Augustine of Canterbury - This person is sent to Britain by Pope Gregory I to baptize the king of Kent.

Ausonius - This person is a fifth-century poet from Bordeaux in the province of Gaul.

Columbanus - One of the Irish "White Martyrs," this person leads twelve companions to Gaul ca. 590, where they found monasteries.

St. Columcille (Columba) - Born Crimthann ("Fox") and then renamed, this person chooses monasticism over kingship.

John Scotus Eriugena - This person is known as the greatest Irishman in Charlemagne's court.

Lovernius - Otherwise known as "Lindow...

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