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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship of Melos to Athens during the period of the peace of Nicias?
(a) Melos sends envoys to both Athens and Sparta.
(b) Melos seeks to evade entanglement in the Delian League.
(c) Melos accedes to all Athanian demands and comes under the Athenian umbrella.
(d) Melos then engages Athens in political rhetoric and refuses to yield to Athenian demands.

2. What unexplainable surprising event takes place with the patriotic Athenian army?
(a) The army disbands leaving Athens open to attack.
(b) The patriotic Athenian army faction on Samos recalls Alcibiades and elects him general.
(c) Civil war breaks out within the city of Athens led by Nicias.
(d) The patriotic Athenian army makes a pact with Sparta.

3. What military involvement in 416 BC is hotly argued in Athens?
(a) Mounting an invasion of Italy
(b) Sending hoplites to guard the borders of Attica
(c) Conscripting Helots to fight the Spartans
(d) Sending a fleet again to Sicily

4. What is happening to the once invincible hoplite phalanx?
(a) It is becoming too expensive to mount.
(b) It is failing because it had been overused.
(c) It is becoming ineffective against new weapons and tactics.
(d) It is no longer being used by the Athenians.

5. How does Thucydides picture certain charismatic generals during the years of the Peloponnesian War?
(a) Men who have great personalities but little war experience.
(b) Of little significance to the outcome of the war
(c) A lot of talk and no action
(d) Able single-handedly to turn the fortunes of the people they serve.

Short Answer Questions

1. What s Sparta's excuse to resume major hostilities against Athens?

2. What does Sparta do in 414 BC?

3. What makes it plausible that Thucydides begins his history from first-hand knowledge?

4. What is the significance of Thucydides' inclusion of the story of Aristogiton and Harmodius?

5. What is the response to Nicias' communique during the winter of 414 BC?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the mindset of Athens after the defeats at Syracuse?

2. What unusual twist of fortune occurred for Alcibiades in 411 BC?

3. What feature of Thucydides' writing would not be acceptable in historical writing today?

4. What shenanigan was attributed to Alcibiades prior to his setting sail for Sicily?

5. What commonly held belief did Thucydides reject but observed its impact on the war?

6. Aside from the disintegration of Athens and its allies, what was the political/military condition of the Grecian world in 412 BC?

7. Who was the charismatic Athenian who promulgated an anti-Spartan alliance in the Peloponnesus? What weakness did he seem to have?

8. What was so alarming about the revolt of Chios?

9. What happened to the dialogue between Melos and Athens?

10. During the so-called peace of Nicias, what marked the military conflict between Athens and Sparta?

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