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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the winter of 427 BC, what returns to Athens?
(a) The plague
(b) The Athenian fleet
(c) The Athenian soldiers from Corcyra
(d) The money owned to the Delian League

2. What is the main concern after Athens fortified Pylos?
(a) Leading generals fear Athenians might carry the plague.
(b) The leading general fears an Athenian advance deep into the Peloponnesus.
(c) Sparta fears that their citizens might defect.
(d) Sparta fears the Helots might join with the Athenians.

3. Who are the Athenian hoplites?
(a) Heavily-armed military infantry
(b) Salves taken from Lesbos
(c) Religious fanatics
(d) Helots who fled Sparta after the earthquake

4. What happens after the Athenian fleet arrives in Corcyra?
(a) There is wholesale slaughter of the political opposition.
(b) Corcyra defeats the Athenians.
(c) They have a big party to celebrate.
(d) Athens sends peace envoys to Lesbos.

5. What happens during the winter of 423 BC on the part of Sparta?
(a) The Helots mount a successful counterattack on Sparta.
(b) Brasidas mounts an unsuccessful attempt to recapture Potidaea.
(c) Many of the spartan soldiers freeze to death in the mountains.
(d) Brasidas gets ill and dies.

6. What event in ca 479 BC gives rise to a period of prominence in Athens?
(a) The influence of Socratic philosophy
(b) Defeat of the Spartans
(c) Defeat of the invading Persian army
(d) Incorporation of the surrounding city-states

7. Who are the Helots?
(a) Athenian spies in Sparta
(b) Greeks from Helotia
(c) Serfs who are little more than Spartan slaves
(d) A minor political party in Sparta

8. Where is is the Peloponnesus itself?
(a) In the Cyclades
(b) On the Northwestern coast of Greece
(c) Just North of Attica
(d) The Southern tip of Greece

9. What Athenian general becomes successful in 425 BC?
(a) Demosthenes leads Athenian troops and allies to victory over a combined Peloponnesian and Ambraciot army
(b) Sophocles defeates the Spartans in Attica.
(c) Alcibiades leads many successful raids into the Peloponesian isthmus.
(d) Androclese uses lions to put fear in the Spartan soldiers.

10. How do the Spartans react about their marooned troops?
(a) Spartans at home, eager to save their men, send peace envoys from Pylos to the Athenians.
(b) Spartans recall troops from Corcyra to march against Pylos.
(c) Spartans accept that their troops are lost.
(d) Spartans charge Pylos on the blind side.

11. What are the dates of the Peloponnesian War ?
(a) 431 to 404 BC
(b) 380 to 45 BC
(c) 525 to 480 BC
(d) 190 BC to 25 AD

12. At the time of the Athenian fortification of Pylos, what is happening in Corcyra?
(a) Persia is negotiating with Corcyra.
(b) There is an earthquake in Corcyra.
(c) Corcyra is rebuilding its defenses.
(d) Famine is causing widespread starvation.

13. What is detailed in Book Two?
(a) The formula Thucydides uses for writing the remainer of the history
(b) A complex layout of the geography of the day
(c) The beginning history of the Peloponesian War
(d) The biographies of important individuals ca. 421 BC

14. What is a major upset to Athens during 447 through 446 BC?
(a) Boeotia successfully revolts against Athens and regains her independence.
(b) Persia finally defeats the Athenian army.
(c) Athenian military goes on strike for higher wages.
(d) Political leadership in Athens splits into several factions.

15. For Athens in 425 BC, what funny thing happens on the way to Sicily?
(a) The Spartans mistake Athenian ships for theirs and let them pass.
(b) The Athenians come upon new triremes headed for Sparta and sink them.
(c) The Athenian fleet is blown off course and lands in Crete.
(d) The fleet comes ashore and fortifies a base at Pylos in Sparta.

Short Answer Questions

1. What action is Athens taking in Sicily and Italy?

2. What are the most far reaching of the participants in the Peloponnesian War?

3. Who owns the Helots?

4. What distant event at this time would later prove important in the Peloponnesian War?

5. What natural phenomenon takes place in Italy in 426 BC?

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