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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Spartan envoys able to get through the Athenian blockade of Mytilene?
(a) They infiltrate the Athenians and get into the city.
(b) In those days, envoys are always given safe passage.
(c) They go around and come in on the back side of Lesbos.
(d) They disguise themselves as merchant ships.

2. In the case of a conquered land, what is the general practice of that time regarding private property?
(a) The land is redistributed among the citizens of the conquered country.
(b) The conquered people are allowed to keep their land.
(c) All the land becomes public property administered by the state.
(d) Land is confiscated and given to citizens of the conquering nation.

3. What is the main concern after Athens fortified Pylos?
(a) Leading generals fear Athenians might carry the plague.
(b) Sparta fears the Helots might join with the Athenians.
(c) The leading general fears an Athenian advance deep into the Peloponnesus.
(d) Sparta fears that their citizens might defect.

4. Who are the peltasts?
(a) Barbarian mercenaries
(b) Stone age warriors
(c) Unarmored men throwing darted missiles
(d) Suicide attackers

5. Why is Book One considered difficult to read?
(a) Book One assumes that the reader will know information not available to modern readers.
(b) It is organized along thematic lines rather than being chronological.
(c) It has many obscure references that cannot be corroberated.
(d) There is some evidence that someone other than Thucydides wrote this section.

6. What is detailed in Book Two?
(a) The beginning history of the Peloponesian War
(b) The biographies of important individuals ca. 421 BC
(c) The formula Thucydides uses for writing the remainer of the history
(d) A complex layout of the geography of the day

7. What happens to the Corcyran fleet?
(a) It is victorious over the Peloponesian fleet.
(b) It is defeated by the Peloponesian fleet.
(c) It is sent to Mylitene.
(d) It is lost in a freak storm.

8. What appears to be a mistake made by the Athenian forces under Pericles?
(a) Athens ignores the possible danger Corinth might become.
(b) Athens attempts to fortify all of Attica.
(c) Athens occupies Aegina and ejects the citizens who are subsequently resettled by Sparta in Thyrea.
(d) Athens attempts an embargo against Sparta.

9. When the annual siege of Attica begins in 427 BC, what naval move does Sparta make?
(a) Sparta orderes new ships for Egypt.
(b) Sparta sets up a defense against Athenian hit-and-run raids.
(c) Sparta dispatches a fleet to Lesbos.
(d) Sparta abandons any naval involvement at all.

10. From Thucydides' analysis, who of the Mytilene population actually wants to break away from the Delian League?
(a) The would-be generals
(b) The shipbuilders
(c) The commoners of Lesbos
(d) The upper classes

11. What distant event at this time would later prove important in the Peloponnesian War?
(a) Sicily and Syracuse sign a defense pact.
(b) Sparta invades Syracuse.
(c) Syracuse invades Messana.
(d) Sicily invades Sparta.

12. What happens after the Athenian fleet arrives in Corcyra?
(a) There is wholesale slaughter of the political opposition.
(b) Corcyra defeats the Athenians.
(c) They have a big party to celebrate.
(d) Athens sends peace envoys to Lesbos.

13. After the war begins, what diplomatic success does Athens have?
(a) Making a peace deal with Corinth.
(b) Athens concludes alliances with Odrysian, Thrace, and Macedonia .
(c) Gaining a neutrality pact from Persia.
(d) Athens successfully launches an anti-Spartan publicity attack.

14. At the time Athens is gaining control in Lesbos, what is happening in Plataea?
(a) Plataea holds off the Spartans until Athenian forces arrive.
(b) Plataea is defeated by an Athenian attack.
(c) Plataea finally capitulates and the Spartans execute all of the surviving forces.
(d) Plataea declares itself neutral.

15. What is the major blow to Athens from the Mytilene revolt?
(a) A potential blockade of Athenian waterways
(b) The loss of triremes supplied by the island of Lesbos
(c) Vast sums of tribute money no longer available
(d) The defection of thousands of soldiers from Lesbos

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the most far reaching of the participants in the Peloponnesian War?

2. How do the Athenians punish the Mytilene nobles after regaining the territory?

3. The war is between what two powers?

4. What event precipitates the beginning of the war?

5. At the time of the Athenian fortification of Pylos, what is happening in Corcyra?

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