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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the Helot uprising in Sparta, what action does Athens take?
(a) Athens resettles some Helots and forges a strong alliance with Megara, which splits from Corinth.
(b) Athenian armies are defeated by Corinth.
(c) Athens removes sparta from the Delian League.
(d) Athens conscripts Helots to fight against Persia.

2. What composes what Thucydides calls Western Hellas?
(a) Macedon, Ipiris, and Caphellenia
(b) Arcanania, Ambracia, Corcyra, Epidamnus, the Ionian Islands, and Naupactus, among others
(c) The entire country of Greece on the Ionian Sea
(d) Prygia, Lydia, and Caria

3. During the winter of 427 BC, what returns to Athens?
(a) The Athenian soldiers from Corcyra
(b) The plague
(c) The Athenian fleet
(d) The money owned to the Delian League

4. What are the most far reaching of the participants in the Peloponnesian War?
(a) Germany and Austria
(b) The Galapogas Islands
(c) Egypt and Spain
(d) Persia, Italy and Sicily, and the Aegean seas and islands

5. Who are the Helots?
(a) Greeks from Helotia
(b) A minor political party in Sparta
(c) Serfs who are little more than Spartan slaves
(d) Athenian spies in Sparta

6. What are the four major geographic areas listed in Book One?
(a) Athens, Persia, Corint and the Aegean.
(b) Egypt, Syria, Greece and Asia Minor.
(c) Sparta, Thebes, the Hellespont and Ephesus.
(d) Attica, the Peloponnesus, Western Hellas and Thrace.

7. Who owns the Helots?
(a) The Spartan merchants
(b) The Persian who farms them out to Sparta.
(c) The Spartan state
(d) Individual Spartan citizens

8. What notable Spartan is wounded at Pylos?
(a) Sparticus
(b) Prothagoras
(c) Nicias
(d) Brasidas

9. Where is is the Peloponnesus itself?
(a) Just North of Attica
(b) On the Northwestern coast of Greece
(c) In the Cyclades
(d) The Southern tip of Greece

10. Why do the Spartans fear the Helots?
(a) The Helots outnumber the Spartans.
(b) The Helots control most of the money.
(c) The Helots have treaties with the Athenians.
(d) The Helots are adept at warfare.

11. What opinion does Thucydides seem to have about Pericles as a leader?
(a) He thinks he is too passive.
(b) He rates him as highly effectual.
(c) He blames him for the later defeats of the Athenians.
(d) He faults him for not taking on Sparta sooner.

12. What happens between Sparta and Athens in 423 BC?
(a) The exchange of prisoners of war
(b) A truce of sorts
(c) A major battle in Attica
(d) A time out to bury their dead

13. By the end of Book Two, how widespread is the war?
(a) From the Peloponnesian coast all the way up into Thrace
(b) Limited to the Peleponnesian isthmus
(c) It is confined to Attica
(d) Up to the borders of the Persian Empire

14. What are the dates of the Peloponnesian War ?
(a) 380 to 45 BC
(b) 525 to 480 BC
(c) 190 BC to 25 AD
(d) 431 to 404 BC

15. Why is the Theban attack able to precipitate the war?
(a) Athens and Sparta both embrace the Theban attack as the justification for, and opportunity toward, a greater conflict.
(b) False information has Thebes invading Athens.
(c) It threatenes to weaken the Spartan strength and made immediate war necessary.
(d) There is a serious debate over which league would be allied to Thebes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Athens attempts to invade Boeotia?

2. What conflict in the region occurs outside of Athens' political control?

3. How do the Spartans react about their marooned troops?

4. Book One concludes in the winter before hostilities erupt. What date is given by modern scholars for this time?

5. What is the main result of the 428 BC attack on Attica?

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