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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Thucydides say that Sparta chose to go to war against Athens?
(a) Because Athens is interfering in Spartan politics.
(b) Because Athens refuses to join the Peloponnesian League.
(c) Because Spartan soldiers need war to stay in shape.
(d) Because of Athens' great political power at the time.

2. In the early days of the war, which power seems to have the upper hand?
(a) Athens
(b) Corinth
(c) Thrace
(d) Sparta

3. After the Spartan forces give up the Attica offensive, what does Athens continue to do?
(a) Stockpile commodities against future Spartan attacks
(b) Build higher walls around Athens
(c) Press for a military truce and peace treaty
(d) Hit-and-run naval attacks on the Peloponesian isthmus

4. What natural phenomenon affects the war at the same time as a failed peace envoy to Sparta?
(a) An earthquake brings down much of Athens' walls.
(b) Cyclones sweep across the eastern side of Greece.
(c) The plague appears in Lesbos, then Athens, and then Potidaea.
(d) A tsunami causes widespread destruction in the Peloponnesian isthmus.

5. What political action does Sparta take in 432 BC?
(a) Sparta holds a referrendum to see what their citizens want to do.
(b) Sparta decides to declare war against Athens.
(c) Sparta pulls out of the conflict between Corinth and Athens.
(d) Sparta begins adding more allies to the Peloponnesian League.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the end of Book Two, how widespread is the war?

2. What puts a strain between Athens and Sparta after the revolt?

3. After the war begins, what diplomatic success does Athens have?

4. Why is Athens in a superior position at the start of the war?

5. How does Corinth enter the war?

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