History of the Peloponnesian War Fun Activities

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Write a Letter

Pretending that you are an Athenian warrior, write a letter home telling about living conditions on Pylos. Select the best letters to read aloud for the class.

Toga Style Show

Look up sculptures of ancient Greece and fashion a toga that a citizen of Athens might have worn. Wear these in class and evaluate the best ones.

Draw a Trireme

From pictures you find on the Internet or in the library, make a poster-sized sketch of a trireme. Select the best ones to put up on the classroom wall.

Deliver an Oration

From the orations cited by Thucydides, deliver one orally in front of the class.

Make a Poster Map

Divide the class into small groups. The groups will work together to make poster sized maps of the areas of importance in the Peloponnesian War. The maps should include names of places and lines drawn...

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