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Essay Topic 1

In the Peloponnesian war, the Greeks read messages into natural phenomena and consulted oracles. To this day, religion often plays a significant role in military action. Write an essay about religion and warfare.

Essay Topic 2

Successful generals often rise to great political power. Write an essay about the events leading to the political power of Demosthenes, Cleon, and Alcibiades. In your essay, contrast the way each of these managed to gain their position.

Essay Topic 3

The most intriguing of the Greek generals of his day was Alcibiades. Trace his defections to Sparta, Egypt, and Persia before he was finally recalled at Samos and made commander of the loyal Athenian troops. Contrast Alcibiades with America's Benedict Arnold in terms of how extraordinary it was for Alcibiades to ever return to Athens.

Essay Topic 4

Describe in detail the Greek phalanx which at one time was considered impregnable. Include...

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