History of the Peloponnesian War Character Descriptions

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Author of the book, History of the Peloponnesian War


His counsel in Syracuse persuades that Athens is on the attack and he counsels that preparations begin for friendly alliances against the expected attack.


Apparently of poor upbringing, he lacks formal education but possesses a keen mind and powerful analytical skills. He is prominent in the Athenian democracy during the period covered by the text's Pentecontaetia and persuades the Athenians to greatly expand their navy. His decisions appear to have been largely correct and, under his leadership, Athens grows to be the focus of power in the Greek world.


A Spartan military general during the early period of the Peloponnesian war. He is largely responsible for the Greek victory over the Persians at Plataea in 479 BC. Late in life he attempts treasonous communication with Persia and, when discovered, takes refuge in a temple. Rather than...

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