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Jack Miles
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Short Answer Questions

1. This Book is about love and marriage.

2. To what does the author compare a man who has thrown out his whoring wife, then, after she is gone, realizes he loves her no matter the mistakes she has made?

3. What does the Book of Ruth not gloss over?

4. What part of God is impulsive?

5. Most often, whose words do the prophets speak?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does it say in Isaiah about God's opinion of punishment?

2. At what times during the dialogue between God and Job does one see Elohim and Yahweh?

3. Prior to Second Isaiah does God feel joy? Explain.

4. Is the Tanakh a tragedy?

5. Why is the Book of Job a favorite in literary circles and with skeptics?

6. With whom does Haggai deal?

7. Why is the Tanakh closer in spirit to "Hamlet," rather than "Oedipus Rex?"

8. To what type of knowledge does the knowledge described in Isaiah refer?

9. What lesson did God's demand for Isaac's sacrifice teach? Give an example.

10. Why does God need the prophets?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does God strike up a deal with Satan? How does the Book of Job examine the dark side of God? How does God's biography differ from traditional fables?

Essay Topic 2

When does God realize He is responsible for Israel's social order? What six-part action leads to this discovery? What are the four crescendos that affect the emerging character of God?

Essay Topic 3

Miles believes the Bible can be studied as a work of literature that explains God's character from a boisterous all-actions God to finally a silent one.

Part 1) Whose precept is used as a model for this study? How does the information and order of the Tanakh follow this precept?

Part 2) Describe God's character throughout the Hebrew Bible with examples from the text.

Part 3) How does Miles explain why God can be understood in human terms?

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