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Jack Miles
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does God admit in Is. 51:22-23?

2. Who are the three major prophets?

3. Why is God's two-part speech to Job significant?

4. What tribe is the only one to survive the exile as an intact entity?

5. Why does Haman want the Jews annihilated?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do God's people preserve him?

2. What is the gist of Proverbs?

3. What is the purpose of Gabriel and Michael?

4. Prior to Second Isaiah does God feel joy? Explain.

5. Why is cultic sacrifice a late development in the Judean culture?

6. To what type of knowledge does the knowledge described in Isaiah refer?

7. When does God first feel pain?

8. How are God and Israel brought back together in the Book of Daniel?

9. At what times during the dialogue between God and Job does one see Elohim and Yahweh?

10. How is the love between the man and wife before and after the reconciliation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When does God realize He is responsible for Israel's social order? What six-part action leads to this discovery? What are the four crescendos that affect the emerging character of God?

Essay Topic 2

Miles says it is revolutionary for God to become the "God of Abraham."

Part 1) Why is this revolutionary?

Part 2) What is God and Abraham's relationship like?

Part 3) What is the importance of Abraham's family?

Essay Topic 3

God seems to favor certain individuals in Abraham's family.

Part 1) Who does he favor?

Part 2) Why does he favor these individuals over others?

Part 3) What have we learned about God and His ability to pick and choose specific individuals?

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