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Jack Miles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what might critics scoff?
(a) The idea of studying God in all his glory.
(b) The idea of understanding humans in spiritual terms.
(c) The idea of understanding God in human terms.
(d) The idea of studying the Bible.

2. What is another name for the Ten Commandments?
(a) The Decalogue.
(b) The Ten Laws.
(c) The Stone Tablet.
(d) God's Rules.

3. How long does Moses spend on Mt. Sinai?
(a) Four days and nights.
(b) Forty-five days and nights.
(c) One day and night.
(d) Forty days and nights.

4. What does the Bible show without cover-up?
(a) God as anything but a saint.
(b) God as a saint.
(c) Prophets whose stories compliment one another.
(d) The purity of the Israelites.

5. What is discovered early in the Book of Judges?
(a) The Benjaminites are overpopulating the planet.
(b) Not all the Canaanites are eliminated.
(c) The Canaanites are their friends.
(d) The Benjaminites are all eliminated.

6. What is understood and not concealed about God?
(a) His relationship with Ruth.
(b) His opinion of the Book of Esther.
(c) The set of inner contradictions in God.
(d) His influence on the Prophets.

7. Why is the God of Genesis frustrating?
(a) He does not know what he is doing.
(b) He changes his mind frequently.
(c) He lacks the kind of past that allows people to get to know one another.
(d) He is ferocious.

8. What can one gain from examining the Bible as a literary biography of God?
(a) Understanding of how perfect God is.
(b) One can become closer to God and his infinite wisdom and strength.
(c) Once can learn the truths of the Bible and convert.
(d) Insight into the Western ideal of character without having to subscribe to the religious trappings of Judaism or Christianity.

9. To what have believers grown accustomed?
(a) God's undying love and devotion to humankind.
(b) God's Son, the Messiah.
(c) God 's inner anxiety in the way they are drawn to complex human beings more so than the boring "centered" ones.
(d) God's wrath towards those that disobey him.

10. What is the name of the Hebrew Bible?
(a) The Toutenkamun.
(b) The Torrey.
(c) The Taliya.
(d) The Tanakh.

11. What god is He compared to after his transformation?
(a) Mab.
(b) Baal.
(c) Bathseba.
(d) Buddha.

12. Why does the author use the Jewish canon, or Tanakh, for study?
(a) It is in contrast to the Christian format.
(b) It is in the original form.
(c) The author is Jewish.
(d) It more clearly shows God's progression from action to words to silence and facilitates in following God's "career."

13. The creation story resembles what creation myths?
(a) Roman.
(b) European.
(c) Mesopotamian.
(d) Greek.

14. After the man and woman are punished, what perpetual punishments are hard and painful?
(a) Raising children and housework.
(b) Exercising and working.
(c) Cleaning and cooking.
(d) Childbearing and earning a living.

15. How is David indicted under Deuteronomic Law?
(a) He tricks Bathseba into marrying her husband.
(b) He defies God's law.
(c) His behavior towards Bathseba, whom he seduces and her murdered husband, whom he arranged to have killed.
(d) He kills Goliath and gloats about his win.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why should God fall in love with David?

2. What is the purpose of Chapter One, the Prelude, "Can God's Life Be Written?"

3. What does God give to himself as an out from the broken covenant?

4. On what is Western civilization built?

5. What happens to God's plan of establishing a nation peacefully obedient to the detailed moral code he promulgated?

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