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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What character eludes the baby killers, grows to manhood in Egypt, flees, and settles down as a shepherd?
(a) Elijah.
(b) Moses.
(c) Isaac.
(d) Jacob.

2. What are the traits that come to the fore?
(a) Fearsome and powerful.
(b) Supreme power but peaceful.
(c) Ferocious, yet lacking in power.
(d) Benign and resilient.

3. What book and chapters of the Tanakh relate a distinct second account of creation?
(a) Genesis 3-6
(b) Exodus 12-15
(c) Genesis 2:4-23.
(d) Exodus 4-12

4. What is the purpose of Chapter One, the Prelude, "Can God's Life Be Written?"
(a) It establishes what Jack Miles intends to accomplish in this book.
(b) It establishes Jack Miles' religious beliefs.
(c) It examines God's law.
(d) It examines God's history throughout time.

5. What is an apocalypse?
(a) A tropical fruit.
(b) A prayer of mourning.
(c) A dance performed in ancient Egypt.
(d) A cryptic revelation of imminent destruction.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does a fully-integrated Yahweh/Elohim God appear to Moses?

2. How does God create a male?

3. Who and what does this book reference?

4. How is the Hebrew God different from those of Greek mythology?

5. What does God become when Pharaoh legislates that all Israelite boys be killed at birth?

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