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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does God do as he creates the world and populates it with animals in five days?
(a) He decides what animals to create.
(b) He talks to himself.
(c) He ponders what to make.
(d) He talks to the angels.

2. Although many Westerners have lost belief in God, what continues to set them apart from other cultures?
(a) The Puritan work ethic.
(b) Humanitarianism.
(c) The religiocultural legacy.
(d) They speak English.

3. What story is told twice and is structurally the same, yet different in the details and mood?
(a) The Flood story.
(b) The Exodus story.
(c) The Burning Bush story.
(d) The Pharoah story.

4. Although God is supremely confident, what does he not seem to do?
(a) Plan ahead.
(b) Ask humankind to praise him.
(c) Ask humankind for repentance.
(d) Change his opinion on how to deal with humankind.

5. What does the author believe God's story deserves?
(a) To be thrown in the trash.
(b) To commemorate the Israelites.
(c) To be considered a work of fiction.
(d) More than the selective preaching it receives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before moving on to the Book of Exodus, what does Miles do?

2. How is God's interaction with Moses different from that with Abraham?

3. How does God show his power to Egypt?

4. Through the end of 2 Kings, God is never referred to as a king, instead, how does he speak of himself?

5. What does war do to God?

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