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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who and what does this book reference?
(a) Peter Voulkos, Jon Balestreri, the Sacred Scrolls, and music.
(b) Neil Simon, Oscar Wilde, Louisa May Alcott, Buddhism, and art.
(c) Cervantes, Joan of Arc, the Arc of the Convenant, and art.
(d) Cervantes, Neil Simon, Oscar Wilde, the Qu'ran, and music.

2. On what is Western civilization built?
(a) That one race is superior above all others.
(b) That all men are created equal.
(c) That Americans are the best.
(d) The belief that God created humankind in His own image.

3. What do the Biblical writers do?
(a) They criticize God.
(b) They ramble on about stories from the past.
(c) They criticize the Israelites.
(d) They testify about God.

4. What does war do to God?
(a) It permanently transforms him.
(b) It makes him sad.
(c) It makes him a better father.
(d) It makes him evil.

5. What is God's story the key to understanding?
(a) Western character by non-Westerners and non-believers.
(b) Asian character by non-Easterners and non-believers.
(c) Eastern character by non-Easterners and non-believers.
(d) Mesopotamian character by non-Mesopotamians and non-believers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does God come to understand that he wants to limit and channel the gift of procreation?

2. What does the keynote, "The Image and the Original" provide?

3. What is different about these two texts?

4. Although many Westerners have lost belief in God, what continues to set them apart from other cultures?

5. What can one gain from examining the Bible as a literary biography of God?

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