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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what do the last three Minor Prophets set the stage?
(a) Confusion.
(b) Peace.
(c) Change.
(d) War.

2. What are the earlier Hebrews careful not to do, although their neighbors would have done this?
(a) Fear God.
(b) Anger God.
(c) Sexualize God.
(d) Emotionalize God.

3. What does prophecy combine?
(a) Teaching, tutoring, and tilling.
(b) Preaching, politics, and poetry.
(c) Reading, religion, and reason.
(d) Meaning, movement, and morals.

4. What does Job choose over God?
(a) Revenge.
(b) Justice.
(c) Love.
(d) Money.

5. God takes notice of problems and acts, but does not reveal this until Isaiah 39.
(a) Gratitude.
(b) Kindness.
(c) Fear.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although God is supremely confident, what does he not seem to do?

2. At the end of which character's spectacularly successful career does he deliver his final speech in Shechem, and Israel responds at a pitch of enthusiasm never again reached?

3. Why do the Jew leave the text where it is?

4. Although many Westerners have lost belief in God, what continues to set them apart from other cultures?

5. What does God do in Is. 40:2?

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