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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the horrible destruction threatened in Deuteronomy 28 have to take place?
(a) The Israelites deserved it.
(b) God falsely accused the Israelites of breaking his rules but still wanted to get revenge.
(c) God could not stop the destruction.
(d) God did not want to make a fool of himself by endlessly granting Israel stays.

2. How does God indicate his sense of mercy might outweigh his sense of justice?
(a) By allowing the generation after the destruction to have an opportunity to return to him and be restored.
(b) He saves other nations, even though they are not Israelites.
(c) He gives the Israelites multiple chances.
(d) He saves the Israelites.

3. With what is God satisfied regarding various nations?
(a) Destroying them.
(b) Ignoring them.
(c) With manipulating nations like chess pieces.
(d) Assimilating them into the Israelite culture.

4. What god is He compared to after his transformation?
(a) Baal.
(b) Buddha.
(c) Mab.
(d) Bathseba.

5. What does God do when displeased by some human action or inaction?
(a) He reacts.
(b) He plots
(c) He ignores them.
(d) He worries.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book of the Bible has long been a favorite in literary circles?

2. What effect does God's decision to take the bet have on Job?

3. How does God come to understand that he wants to limit and channel the gift of procreation?

4. How is God the loser in the Book of Job?

5. In the Book of Job, from whom does God take a bet?

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