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Jack Miles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is understood and not concealed about God?
(a) His influence on the Prophets.
(b) His opinion of the Book of Esther.
(c) The set of inner contradictions in God.
(d) His relationship with Ruth.

2. On what promise does God make good?
(a) To love his followers.
(b) To destroy Israel a second time.
(c) To protect his people.
(d) To use foreign nations as instruments to punish his erstwhile convenant partner.

3. Is God just in the Book of Job?
(a) Yes, he is always a just God.
(b) No, he does not love Job enough to be just.
(c) Yes, Job made a mistake and deserves punishment.
(d) No, he never claims to be just, only to be almighty.

4. Since Job does not repent for offenses he did not commit, who must repent?
(a) Job will still repent because that is God's wish.
(b) Satan.
(c) His friends.
(d) God.

5. How is the Bible unique?
(a) It is read by people from many cultures.
(b) It is a translated classic, read by only a tiny minority in the original language.
(c) It is the most important book that is in existence.
(d) It has been translated into hundreds of languages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does God's decision to take the bet have on Job?

2. Before moving on to the Book of Exodus, what does Miles do?

3. What does war do to God?

4. In the books of Kings what traits come to the fore?

5. What does God do when displeased by some human action or inaction?

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