God: A Biography Fun Activities

Jack Miles
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Being Raised in Western Civilization

Think about how you have been raised. Write a short essay describing how your values and beliefs relate to Miles' view of Western civilization's character.

God's Favorite

Read Neil Simon's play "God's Favorite." Work with a small group of students and act out a scene from this play that relates to the Bible.

In His Image

It is believed that humankind is created in God's image. Draw a portrait of God based on this belief.

Time for Some Drama

The early Christians rearranged the Jewish canon for dramatic effect. Take a story of your choice and rearrange parts of it. How does this change the meaning/interpretation of the story?

Elohim and Yahweh

Write a poem from the perspective of Elohim or Yahweh expressing his or her hopes for humankind.

Being a God

God is compared to several local gods. Choose a god...

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