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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is stirring the witch's cauldron in "A Witch's Kitchen?"
(a) A female baboon.
(b) A male dog.
(c) A female cat.
(d) A male turtle.

2. What is the director's main concern in "Prelude on the Stage"?
(a) Creating true art.
(b) Making money.
(c) Astounding the audience.
(d) Casting the right actors.

3. .0 0..........Mephistopheles has become bored because there is no challenge in ________ mankind anymore.
(a) Loving.
(b) Tormenting.
(c) Killing.
(d) Helping.

4. What does the clown profess to wanting for this play during "Prelude on the Stage"?
(a) He wants to create a grand piece of art.
(b) He wants to be seen by the director of a better theater.
(c) He wants to play the lead.
(d) He wants to entertain the audience.

5. Where does the poodle transform into Mephistopheles?
(a) In plain sight of Faust.
(b) Behind the stove.
(c) Under the couch.
(d) In the next room.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the "Prologue in Heaven," how many archangels are with God?

2. What suggestion does Mephistopheles give Gretchen in "The Neighbor's House" in regards to marriage?

3. What does Faust threaten to do if Mephistopheles is unable to get the girl he is obsessed with for him?

4. What does Mephistopheles claim happened to Martha's husband?

5. What is Faust's reaction to the chorus of spirits in the first scene called "Faust's Study?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Mephistopheles initially held prisoner by Faust and how does he escape?

2. Describe the differing opinions of Gretchen, her mother, and Martha about the mysterious jewels.

3. How do Faust and Mephistopheles plan to get the girl for Faust at the end of "A Street"?

4. Describe Faust's crisis during "Night" and "Outside the Town Wall."

5. What does Gretchen admit out loud to herself while she is alone during "Evening"?

6. Describe the bargain between Faust and Mephistopheles.

7. Describe the steps taken to make Faust appear younger.

8. For what reasons does the director decide that the audience should experience a journey from heaven to hell in this play?

9. What does Mephistopheles suggest to Gretchen about marriage and why?

10. Why does Faust decide to try witchcraft in his first scene?

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