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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the final scene, "A Prison," where does Gretchen want Faust to go?
(a) The church.
(b) The cemetary.
(c) The pond.
(d) The gallows.

2. What is Faust awed by, according to the beginning of "A Forest Cavern"?
(a) He has no feelings beyond lust for Gretchen.
(b) Gretchen refuses to be swayed by Mephistopheles.
(c) He has fallen deeply in love with Gretchen.
(d) Gretchen understands his feelings about God.

3. What does Mephistopheles mock to Faust after Gretchen leaves in "Martha's Garden?"
(a) Gretchen's dislike for men.
(b) Gretchen's concern for Faust's soul.
(c) Faust's infatuation with Gretchen.
(d) Gretchen's willingness to believe Faust will marry her.

4. Initially, what is the only thing Gretchen recognizes as Faust when he is in her prison cell?
(a) His eyes.
(b) His lips.
(c) His hands.
(d) His voice.

5. What has worsened Barbara's plight, according to Lieschen?
(a) The father of Barbara's baby has run away.
(b) Barbara is very ill.
(c) Barbara has renounced God.
(d) Barbara has recently been robbed and has no money.

6. In "Open Country, Night," where do the witches perform their ritual?
(a) The prison.
(b) The woods.
(c) Faust's study.
(d) The gallows.

7. What does Mephistopheles warn Faust about in regards to his affections for Gretchen?
(a) Gretchen will outgrow her feelings for him.
(b) Faust will never find the courage to act on his lust.
(c) Faust will take his feelings for Gretchen too far.
(d) Faust will find another woman more attractive.

8. For what does Gretchen ask permission when she is unable to recognize Faust in her cell?
(a) To feed her baby.
(b) To contact her lover.
(c) To sleep awhile longer.
(d) To pray to God.

9. From what play are many of the characters in "A Walpurgis Night's Dream" drawn?
(a) "Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy."
(b) "Iphigenia in Tauris."
(c) "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
(d) "The Spanish Tragedy."

10. What is the purpose of the item Faust gives Gretchen at the end of "Martha's Garden"?
(a) She should pluck its petals to see if he loves her.
(b) It will be a token of their secret engagement.
(c) She will understand him better after reading the book.
(d) It will put her mother to sleep.

11. What is the Huckster-Witch attempting to do during "Walpurgis Night"?
(a) Sell her body.
(b) Cast spells of old age on the rest of the witches.
(c) Pickpocket Faust.
(d) Sell her wares.

12. According to Lieschen, how did Barbara spend her evenings and nights?
(a) Praying.
(b) With men.
(c) With her mother.
(d) Dancing in the woods.

13. How does Gretchen feel about Barbara?
(a) She feels sorry for her.
(b) She feels triumphant at her friend's downfall.
(c) She feels ashamed of her.
(d) She is angry at her.

14. Why does Faust fear Mephistopheles's influence over his happiness with Gretchen in "A Cavern"?
(a) He knows Mephistopheles wants Gretchen for himself.
(b) He knows Gretchen is protected by God.
(c) He knows Gretchen fears Mephistopheles.
(d) He knows Mephistopheles could take everything away.

15. Of what is Faust irrationally jealous in regards to its proximity to Gretchen?
(a) Her bonnet.
(b) Her bed.
(c) The necklace around her neck.
(d) The Body of Christ in Communion.

Short Answer Questions

1. In musical terms, what is the scene "A Walpurgis's Night Dream" called in the text?

2. How is most of "A Walpurgis's Night Dream" presented?

3. Who is singing in the church?

4. Why does Gretchen choose this particular person to pray to during "By a Shrine Inside the Town Wall, Night"?

5. What scene is being presented in "A Walpurgis Night's Dream"?

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