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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Mephistopheles give Martha in her first scene?
(a) Her husband is in jail.
(b) Her husband is dead.
(c) Her husband is on his way home.
(d) Her husband has joined the militia.

2. For what are the archangels praising God in the beginning of the play?
(a) The grandeur of His presence.
(b) The beauty of His work.
(c) His knowledge.
(d) His compassion.

3. Why is Mephistopheles unable to leave Faust's study after appearing to the man?
(a) Faust left his Bible by the door.
(b) A cross hangs over the door.
(c) A pentagram has been drawn on the threshold.
(d) The rest of the house has been blessed.

4. Why does Faust decide to turn to magic use?
(a) He thinks it is the only way he can expand his mind.
(b) He wants to summon Mephistopheles.
(c) He wants to debunk the myth of magic.
(d) He is attracted to a witch.

5. What does Faust begin to read in the first scene called "Faust's Study"?
(a) Myths about Mesopotamia.
(b) Scripture.
(c) The Odyssey.
(d) The Qur'an.

6. From where does the witch enter during "A Witch's Kitchen"?
(a) The window.
(b) The chimney.
(c) The cauldron.
(d) The fireplace.

7. What does Mephistopheles give all the men in the tavern?
(a) Herbs that he claims will promote vigor.
(b) Gold coins.
(c) Drinks he conjured up.
(d) Dried meat.

8. Who does Faust initially believe Mephistopheles to be?
(a) A broker.
(b) A priest.
(c) A barrister.
(d) A student.

9. What are the men in the tavern about ready to do when Mephistopheles finally stops them?
(a) Pillage a neighboring village.
(b) Attack each other with knives.
(c) Leave for another country.
(d) Commit suicide.

10. What sort of animal approaches Faust and Wagner during the holiday celebration?
(a) A black rabbit.
(b) A black cat.
(c) A black poodle.
(d) A black crow.

11. During the "Prologue in Heaven," how many archangels are with God?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Six.
(d) Five.

12. Who is stirring the witch's cauldron in "A Witch's Kitchen?"
(a) A male dog.
(b) A male turtle.
(c) A female baboon.
(d) A female cat.

13. What does Mephistopheles promise to attempt to secure for Faust in regards to the girl at the end of "A Street?"
(a) A visit to the girl's bedroom.
(b) The girl's ring.
(c) The girl's name.
(d) The promise of marriage from the girl.

14. What is Faust's method of suicide when he contemplates ending his life?
(a) Poison.
(b) Dagger to the heart.
(c) Gunshot to the head.
(d) Self-immolation.

15. What must Faust step inside of in order to begin the spell to make him appear younger?
(a) A pentagram.
(b) A circle.
(c) A triangles.
(d) A series of squares.

Short Answer Questions

1. After their pact is signed, what doubts does Faust voice to Mephistopheles?

2. What does Faust believe about the townspeople he and Wagner walk with during their holiday celebration after his suicide attempt?

3. What does the poodle refuse to do when in Faust's study?

4. Why does Gretchen wish to keep the jewelry Faust and Mephistopheles secretly leave for her?

5. In the scene after he drinks the potion to appear younger, where does Faust see the girl he saw a vision of at the witch's kitchen?

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