Faust. First Part Character Descriptions

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Heinrich Faust

This character is a learned individual who struggles mightily with his or her faith and succumbs to the temptation for more knowledge and earthly delights.


This character is a charming individual who, though disdainful of humans, delights in tempting them away from God.

Margareta (Gretchen)

This character is a pious innocent whose life soon turns tragic after giving into his or her feelings of desire.


This character is a young scholar.


This character is a soldier for whom honor amongst family is very important.


This character is pious, though somewhat rebellious in his or her belief, and willingly helps out his or her young neighbor with a secret courtship.

The Witch

This character creates potions and spells, including one that allows another character to appear much younger.

Margareta's Mother

This character is unseen throughout the play but holds a mighty influence over...

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