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Dedication, Prelude on the Stage, and Prologue in Heaven

• In the "Dedication," Goethe discusses his feelings of sadness over the passing of his generation, deciding that their memories are more important than any sort of wealth or fame.
• During the "Prelude on the Stage," a director, poet, and clown debate about the play they wish to present and why.

• The director decides that their show will take the audience on a journey from heaven to hell.
• Mephistopheles takes up the challenge to tempt Faust, an intellectual scholar with a troubled relationship with spirituality. He is moving away from God.

Night and Outside the Town Wall

• Faust, fearing he has reached his limit with earthly studies, turns to magic to unlock the secrets of the world.

• Wagner, Faust's student, interrupts his mentor, and Faust tries to deter the man from pursuing a career in knowledge.
• Faust, at odds with...

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