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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Walter hear as he crouches in the dark?
(a) Dogs barking
(b) Children playing
(c) Music from a bar
(d) Panting and footsteps

2. What does Walter do to remove the obstacle?
(a) Decides to smoke outside before leaving
(b) Decides to hop instead of using crutches
(c) Creates a story so that the man offers to get his ticket
(d) Deliberately ignores the man

3. Why does Walter come to the Nirdlinger residence?
(a) To advise Phyllis on her will
(b) To have Mr. Nirdlinger sign the accident policy
(c) To make love to Phyllis
(d) To shoot Mr. Nirdlinger

4. Who does Walter learn has called him at the office?
(a) Mrs. Nirdlinger
(b) Mr. Nirdlinger
(c) The Nirdlinger's daughter
(d) The Nirdlinger's maid

5. Why does Walter say he wants to help Phyllis?
(a) Intrigue
(b) Money
(c) Fear
(d) Compassion

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Walter place a phone call to?

2. What does Walter focus on?

3. What will the insurance company think about Mr. Nirdlinger?

4. What is Walter's first thought to Phyllis' plea?

5. What are Phyllis and Walter discussing when she abruptly changes the subject?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Walter call his office that night looking for a rate book?

2. What precipitates Walter's meeting Phyllis Nirdlinger?

3. Why does Walter start to panic after he jumps off the train?

4. What is the biggest logistical problem Walter and Phyllis face regarding the murder?

5. Why does Walter make three visits to Mr. Nirdlinger?

6. From what point of view is this story told?

7. What realization does Walter come to when he sees Phyllis on board?

8. What are the details of Walter's plan to kill Phyllis?

9. What activities does Walter follow to begin to set up his alibi on the day the murder is to take place?

10. Who is Keyes?

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