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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Walter focus on?
(a) A new career
(b) An alibi
(c) A move to a new city
(d) An affair with Lola

2. Why does Walter say he wants to help Phyllis?
(a) Fear
(b) Intrigue
(c) Compassion
(d) Money

3. What does Walter swindle Mr. Nirdlinger into doing?
(a) Writing two checks
(b) Buying him an airline ticket
(c) Buying three policies
(d) Revising his will

4. What is Walter's worry about his work?
(a) That it will drop off
(b) That he will get fired
(c) That his customers won't pay their premiums
(d) That his customers are frauds

5. What is a major issue for Walter and Phyllis?
(a) How to get Walter out of the country
(b) How to get Lola to leave the house
(c) How to get Walter to travel by train
(d) How to get a divorce for Phyllis

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Mr. Nirdlinger's class reunion to be held?

2. What does Phyllis tell Walter when she calls him?

3. Where does Mr. Nirdlinger work?

4. What is the state of Walter's senses after the murder?

5. Who does Walter learn has called him at the office?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the meeting between Walter and Phyllis.

2. Who does Phyllis bring in as a witness to the paper signing and why is Walter upset by her choice?

3. What is Walter's response to Phyllis' request for an accident policty on her husband?

4. What activities does Walter follow to begin to set up his alibi on the day the murder is to take place?

5. What is the happy accident that befalls Mr. Nirdlinger?

6. What is the next step in Walter and Phyllis' plan after the murder?

7. Describe the scenario where Walter kills Mr. Nirdlinger.

8. Why does Walter call his office that night looking for a rate book?

9. How do Walter and Phyllis' strained emotions exhibit with each other after the murder?

10. Who is Mr. Sachetti?

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