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Nirdlinger House

This place has blood-red drapes, the significance of which Walter shrugs off because red drapes are popular with these types of houses throughout the area.

Accident Insurance Policy

This is at the crux of the story and an indirect tool in the death of H.S. Nirdlinger, Phyllis' husband.

The Crutches

When Nirdlinger has his accident, he's forced to use these, and Walter cleverly turns this seeming obstacle into two advantages.

The Blue Coupe

This is used as collateral for the $250 loan that Walter arranges for Sachetti early in the story.

Walter's Rate Book

This contains rates, tables, and information concerning how to calculate the duration and costs of varieties of policies.

The Iron Handle and Lightweight Cord

These are objects that Walter carries with him on his way to commit the crime and are intended to be used as a harness to enable him to...

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